A Relaxing Weekend At The Barn

On the last day of our lovely, cosy weekend at The Barn we took our usual `pilgrimage’ to Low Force. 

It was one of those gorgeous crisp, sunny mornings.  The quiet stillness of the autumn meadow was soon punctuated by the roar of the river.  The river was swollen; a reminder that November has seen high levels of rainfall which has caused severe flooding in South Yorkshire.

Point Of Interest

On the road back to the Barn we pass a gate.  You might be interested to know that at the other side of the gate these dry stone walls indicate a medieval roadway which carried on down to the river.  It’s fascinating to think of those people long ago living and working here.

On the return journey we stop to chat with our bovine neighbours … and cute baby bovine.

Further along the road it was good to pause a while and take in the view of the sunny, frosty landscape behind the barn as the sun begins to set: those long shadows of late autumn, the morning frost which stayed all day, the gorgeous colours of fields, hills and sky.

Enjoy the video … and yes, the sound isn’t muted, it really was as quiet as this!  What a fabulous contrast to the roar of Low Force.

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