There was lots of snow all over the UK last weekend, sometimes causing chaos. But it was particularly lovely in and around The Barn at Holwick.


The roads were accessible; local farmers usually keep them clear so there has rarely been a problem getting to The Barn.  

We were looking forward to getting that gorgeous wood burner going and snuggling down to a cosy weekend of spectacular walks followed by a deliciious pint or two at The Strathmore Arms or a lazy coffee and cake at Eggleston Hall Cafe. 

Bird feeders were well stocked, not forgetting some treats on the ground for the pheasant who has frequently visited us this year.  After a hearty breakfast, using local free-range eggs, we set off for our snowy adventure.

We had a couple of gorgeous walks across snow laden fields – keeping of course to `Rights of Way’ –  to Low Force.  It’s hard to imagine the colourful meadow of the summer  now sleeping beneath the thick blanket of soft, white snow.

Low Force is just a leisurely 15 or 20 minute walk across the meadows behind the barn. (Keeping of course to established Rights of Way which are clearly marked.)  It’s a walk we often enjoy.  Today we expected a spectacular reward for our expedition across the snowy fields and we weren’t disappointed.  Although the water at Low Force was energetically throwing itself over the fall, it was collecting in a freezing pool that meandered into the distance downstream.

A leisurely walk across from Low Force to Gibson’s Cave gave us a breathtaking surprise when we turned the corner and saw the freezing waterfall a movie version of which you can watch on



Little Lola, a dog who isn’t a lover of `town’ walking, loves her trips to The Barn.  She had a fabulous time.  

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